OneLogin is a SAML identity provider that will authenticate your Upshotly users trying to sign in. By using OneLogin your users will no longer need to remember an extra password to sign into Upshotly.

Setup guide

1. Search for "Upshotly" in the OneLogin app directory and add it to your portal

2. Go to your admin panel and copy the 'Company ID'

3. Paste in your Company ID in the configuration settings

4. Download the XML metadata of your application from OneLogin

5. Go to your admin panel. Paste the downloaded XML in the field called 'XML metadata'

5. You can also optionally force your users to only login in with SSO
6. Once you Save, you're all set! Now you can login with SSO. Clicking on it will first take you to OneLogin where you will be asked to authenticate. Once authenticated successfully, you will be redirected back to Upshotly and automatically signed in.

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