Admin walkthrough

From the Upshotly Admin profile, you will be able to add, edit, delete and manage the following. 

  1. The company profile, including company name, company mission, founded date, currency, time zone and e-mail domain.
  2. Company values
  3. Company location
  4. Job titles assigned within the organization
  5. Departments within the organization
  6. Employees within the organization, their name, e-mail, employee-id, reporting manager, department, job title, and Timezone. 
  7. Enabling or disabling the goals, check-in, feedback, recognition or 1:1 feature
  8. Goal cycles, their start and end dates
  9. Tags
  10. Check-in questions, their answer types and weekly schedule including day and time. 
  11. Recognitions and badges. 
  12. Your billing information
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