Welcome to Upshotly! Let us quickly help you get familiar with the Upshotly interface so that you can quickly get up and running! You will be able to access all of Upshotly’s interfaces through the navigation bar at the top of the page. Depending on whether or not you have direct reports, you will also be able to see an additional interface. 

If you are an employee who does not have a direct report, you will be able to see the “ You” page and “Company” page. However, if you are an employee who has other employees reporting to you, additionally, you’ll also be able to access the “Team” page. 

The "You" Page

The “You” page is the first interface that you come across, once you log-in to Upshotly.


It is designed to be a single interface that keeps you updated about all information pertaining to you. 

To your left, you will be able to see your profile information that includes, your name, your job title, your department, your reporting manager, e-mail and join date. 

Some of this information can be directly updated by accessing the profile section from the top right corner of your interface.

 Once you’re done you can click on the “You” button to bring you back to your interface.

Under the Task section, you will find friendly reminders that help you catch up on feedback requests, check-ins, and recognition that you may have previously left unnoticed.

Under each of these sections within the “You” page, you will find your last two updates.

  1. Goals
  2. Feedback
  3. Check-ins
  4. Recognition

If you wish to see more than the last two updates, you can quickly do so by going to your “view all” section. 

In the “view-all section”, you will be able to see, track, manage and edit all your current and previous feedbacks, check-ins, goals, recognition and 1:1s. 


The "Company" Page

The company page in upshotly helps you track everything about your company and it’s employees

It contains the following seven sections out of which the following four sections are similar to your “you” page, where you’ll be able to see and track (but not add or modify) all the current and previous department specific feedbacks, check-ins, goals, and recognition within your organization.

  1. Goals
  2. Feedback
  3. Check-in
  4. Recognition

There are three more sections that are exclusive to your “company” page.

  1. Employees

The employee section allows you to see everyone who is a part of your organization and track their goals, check-ins, and recognition.  Clicking on any employee’s name will take you to their profile. 

  1. Department

The department section lists out all the individual departments, their heads, and their members present within your organization, while also allowing you to track their Objectives, Key results, and recognition. However, if you are the head of a particular department, you’d also be able to add department goals, key results, and initiative while assigning any other department member to it as an owner.

  1. Latest

Latest section keeps you updated about any celebratory occasion about to arise within your organization. 


The "Team" Page

If you are a manager who has one or more employees that report to you, you’ll also be able to see the additional “Team” page. Here, you will be able to maintain a birds-eye view of everyone who is a part of your team, their Objectives, Key-Results, and Initiatives. 

As a team leader, apart from being able to assign objectives, key results and initiatives to the members of your team, you’ll also be able to schedule their “check-ins” and request for feedback about any of your direct reports from any other employee within your organization. 

You can schedule 1:1s by  going to 

Your team → Direct reports → Employee → 1:1 settings.




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